Skateboarding California

After making my Learn To Ride A Skateboard project, there were skateboarding topics I wanted to cover which didn't fall into the "educational" category. Skateboarding California was born from the desire to make skate videos regarding topics above and beyond teaching basic skills.

As a person who has skateboarded all my life, and been involved in professional film and video production, I found myself very disillusioned with the way skateboarding videos were being created.

During the spring of 2010, I wanted to create something that captures skateboarding as it really feels, and therefore, I was determined to make all my videos the exact opposite of what is popular. Long takes, no fast edits. Wide angles, no fish eye lenses. And absolutely no cliche background music. Those are the three guiding principals behind the "look" of the show.

Skateboarding California is my first project shot entirely on high-definition video at full 1080p. Again, all the work is mine. I come up with the ideas for the episodes, I shoot every episode, I edit them all, I designed all the graphics and images, I built the website. Everything. Added together, my various skateboard videos have over 41,000 subscribers and 7 million views on YouTube.