Voodoo & Loveshadow

Having written a number of novels, I started to create this story years ago, in the spring of 2013 and published it in 2015 as a group of three books. Clocking in as my longest novel to date at 227,000 words, Voodoo & Loveshadow is about a bachelor nearing his 40th birthday who meets ghosts of his unborn twin daughters. They try to help him find their mother, lest they never be born. The tale is a romantic comedy with dramatic underpinnings of relationship-lessons. The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach rewritten as a paranormal romance from Ray Bradbury.

Renea Mazzotta is the cover model and I shot the photo at her house, in a stairwell. Once I got the image into the computer, I used Photoshop to alter her eye with a starfield, so it reflected the magical traits of the girls in the story.

I also did all the graphic design work and photography in creating the book cover; I did all the programming for the website, and wrote all the XHTML code for the ebook, plus I did all the layout and formatting for the hardcover and softcover editions.